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Public Legal Education

We believe that communities that know of their legal rights and responsibilities are empowered, and can participate greater in community and civic life. We see legal education for vulnerable communities as a route out of poverty.

Our legal education workshops help to empower individuals by demystifying the law.

How it works

We deliver a range of free and interactive workshops across the UK.

We cover a wide range of issues and topics, tailored for audiences including schoolchildren, entrepreneurs, community groups, prisoners and ex-offenders, and people affected by homelessness.

We encourage our audience members to participate and think critically, through activities such as role plays, group discussion and quizzes. The format allows for audience members to develop their own opinions in a respectful and controlled environment.

The sessions are delivered by trained law school students and facilitators.

To book a workshop, please email with your enquiry.

Or alternatively, use our contact form below.

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