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Our Mission

Project: Empower is a legal social enterprise project based in London. Our mission is to positively influence people’s lives and to promote a rights-based approach to access to justice.  We do this by providing free and independent legal advice, delivering public legal education workshops and acting as independent legal observers. We firmly believe that communities that are represented know of their legal rights and have their voices heard on the legal issues are empowered, and can participate greater in community and civic life. We very much see access to legal help as well as legal education for vulnerable communities as a route out of poverty.

Important Information

Site Under Construction

Welcome to Project: Empower.

Our IT person is still busy tinkering about with code, making sure the site is up to scratch.

Although Project: Empower already up and running, our website isn't quite finished yet.

But when it is, expect a revolutionary new chapter to our small, but growing charity project.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.